I want to tell you about one horse, one dream.  I bought this special quarterhorse named Razzmatazz Rose, I called her Rosie for short.  That was more than 18 years ago.  You see when I was looking for a horse I was going through a lot of things in my life including health issues.  My doctor did not want me to ride because I was on a medication that made your blood thin.  One fall and that could be it for me.  I also had a lot of pain and numbness in both legs due to blood clots that I had in the past.  But I told him that horse’s were the only thing that kept me from getting depressed.  He knew he could not convince me not to ride so he said “Cathy, go ahead and ride, but try to find a gentle horse for yourself”.  So the search was on and I came across Rosie.  I knew the minute I seen her I just had to have her.  We made an instant connection.  Apparently another man had bought her the week before and she bucked him off so he brought her back to the owner.  Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.  She ended up being a therapy horse for a therapeutic facility I had started in Manteca in 1997 called the Diamond C Therapeutic Riding Academy.  We eventually had to close due to finances.

To make a long story short, Rosie ended up being my best friend and companion for 18 years.  She not only gave me the best years of my life, she also gave to many children with special needs. She was more human like than any horse I have ever had.  I am sorry to say but 2 years ago Rosie got sick and she ended up passing away at 29 years old.  I was so broken hearted I didn’t think I could start the program again.  But I knew if Rosie was here she would be giving to all those children and adults the needed therapy that they need emotionally and physically.  So I decided to dedicate this program in memory of Rosie.  She will always be remembered and will always be there in spirit through this program.  I look forward to serving anyone and everyone that would like to experience what it is like to have a bond with such a noble animal.  Just think of a child in a wheelchair.  Once they are on top of the horse they are no longer confined to a wheelchair.  It is such a sense of freedom.  I hope you can be part of this journey of hope!

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(Created By Jason Reeves)